K9 Sport Sack AIR 2 New 2020 Version

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Safer, Stronger, and More Comfortable than Ever
Introducing the all new AIR 2!

With thousands of dog hours in the original AIR model, we have collected mountains of feedback. This feedback has been taken, tested and released as the new AIR 2.

Dog carrying has never been better!

30 LB/13 KG weight limit.
We've kept the features you know and love:

  • Ventilated side panels for cooling
  • Adjustable dual side pockets
  • Sternum strap with avalanche whistle clip

New features include:

  • Fully Updated Sizing (Each piece of the bag adjusted to ensure best fit)
  • Wider Base
  • Updated Side Mesh
  • New Side and Back Cinch Straps
  • Updated Shoulder Strap Design (No More Popping Off Chest Clips)
  • Updated Logo
  • Fur Flap (No more zipping your dog's hair in the bag)
  • More Adjustable Collar Enclosure

Refer to the image for a more detailed description and sizing.

Please note there is also blocks available on my other listing.



Length 10 - 13 in(25-33 cm)

Up to 23 in (58 cm)


Length 13 - 17 in(33-43 cm)

Girth Up to 27 in (69 cm)


Length 17 - 20 in(43-51 cm)

Girth Up to 28 in (71 cm)


Length 20 - 23 in(51-58 cm)

Girth Up to 31 in (79cm)

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