Cooling Pet Jacket

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Aqua Coolkeeper Dog Coat - Heat Reduction, Cooler Coat

Heatstroke can be fatal and can cause organ damage in a short space of time.

Dogs have almost no sweat glands and can only try to cool their body temperature by panting. This makes them prone to heatstroke in warm weather and while traveling in a car on a warm day.

Useful for sporting dogs in warm weather and breeds with restricted airways such as pugs, boxers, bulldogs and dogs with long coats such as pyrenean and long coated German shepherds.

Hydroquartz gel fabric cools the body by evaporation.

Simply dampen with cold water and this coat will stay cool and dry for up to 5 days.

Will not wet your dog's coat. Ready to use in 30 seconds. No refridgeration needed.

Adjustable velcro chest fastening for an easy and comfortable fit. Velcro 'Y' chest fastening and elastic belly straps ensure a custom fit with large adjustment on the belly compared with other coats.

Functional, lightweight fabric.

It will keep your dog comfortably cool in warm weather. Essential for heavy coated dogs and those with respiratory difficulties.

Reduce stress and discomfort from excessive panting.

Size Chart:

Extra Small 14" Back, 12" Neck, 18-25" Chest

Small 16" Back, 14" Neck, 20-28" Chest

Medium 18" Back, 18" Neck, 24-32" Chest

Large 20" Back, 19" Neck, 26-34" Chest

XL 22" Back, 25" Neck, 30-37" Chest

XXL 26" Back, 25" Neck, 30-40" Chest