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Marcilena L.Verified Buyer My pug Momi & I loved it Awesome product! Got to use it during a hike in the beautiful islands of Hawaii (West Oahu). share0104/27/18Dorene K.Verified Buyer Della is Happy Thanks K9 sportsack, because of you mom and dad can now take me with on walks. I am a standard wire hair dachshund with bad front legs that make long walks very difficult and painful. Riding along in the sport sack is not only fun but very comfortably for me. I give you 4 paws up because that’s all I have. Bark bark!! share2004/26/18Mary-jane D.Verified Buyer Awesome product to take my Cocker Spaniel on bike rides Love this bag. I had been looking for quite some time to find something to transport my Cocker Spaniel around whilst I cycled. I am getting into my cycling so I would like my pupper to be involved. As soon as I seen the K9 Sport Sack, I knew I had to purchase this for Toff. It was a bit of an effort to get her in it as it's something new to her, b...Read More share0004/25/18Marguerite R.Verified Buyer A great way to backpack with your puppy The air holes on each side of pack keep your puppy cool in the heat share0004/25/18Renee L.Verified Buyer Great! This is just what I needed to take my Lil’ Buddy with me on my bike ride. Very well made and comfortable! share0004/24/18Kelly T.Verified Buyer Best purchase ever!!! This bag is perfect for so many things! We used it for hiking and the doggo absolutely loved it! 10 out of 10 would recommend! share1004/23/18Keri W.Verified Buyer Best DogMom Purchase Ever! I have only been able to use our Sportsack a couple of times so far but plan on using it many more! I was hesitant to buy one because my beagle is just about the max height and weight a dog can be for the sack, but she fits perfectly in the large! She is 22 inches tall and 28 pounds, and it's a perfectly snug fit. She seems pretty happy in the sac...Read More share0104/23/18Lisa T.Verified Buyer So far so good! We're still just getting our Min Pin used to the knapsack but she seems to like it! Once she sits instead of standing, she's very comfy.
It's very well made and comfy for the human too! share0004/23/18Becky H.Verified Buyer Amazing! Love our k9 pack, our dog can go on the long walks and hikes now! share0004/23/18Hanna S.Verified Buyer Great bag Works awesome for carrying my disabled beagle/jack Russell when we go hiking or on longer walks. I hope I can take him on bike rides soon! share0004/23/18 1 2 3