About us

We're a small family run business based in York.

The House of Legendary Dogs is a place where a hoomans best friend can be spoiled rotten, and so they should be. Just ask our House Mother, Mrs Peel (@the_legendary_mrs_peel). How to describe her Mrs Peel? Imagine Godzilla destroying downtown Tokyo, but in the package of a Pomeranian. Peel is high maintenance and loves it. She revels in it. As House Mother, Mrs Peel sources some of the best products to bring to her customer such as the K9 Sport Sack.

We love the practical items like the Buddy Belt harnesses, they’re fantastic, check them out. We especially love the fun items though. Costumes are so much fun, and as long as your pooch isn’t hating it, let them join in the fun. Ten, ten, ten, tens across the board!!!

Send in your pictures of your pooches by email to the houseoflegendarydogs@gmail.com and we’ll showcase them on our Instagram account (@houseoflegendarydogs). If they have their very own insta account, gives us the details and we’ll tag them in.

Who will be inducted into the House of Legendary Dogs though and bestowed the title Legendary by the House Mrs Peel?